Move and earn crypto

Robox Fit is your new stimulus to stay active. It counts steps, reminds you to go for a walk, and gives extra motivation — in crypto. Just move your feet and earn more ROX.

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Stay active and get ROX

Simply launch the app and your steps will start counting. Robox Fit:

Motivates and reminds you to stay activeBrings you crypto to spend on your dreams
Track and multiply

Monitor your activity and earn more ROX with the Boosts. Double, triple, magnify a hundredfold your crypto income — simply subscribe or make a purchase to activate Boost.

Get a 15% reward

Become the source of walking inspiration for others! Invite friends to join the crypto walkers’ community and make a profit in ROX. Step-by-step generate more crypto!


Turn your steps into crypto — Robox Fit, the app that transforms effort into wealth. Try now!

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How does it work?

Earn ROX

Turn your steps into crypto. Walk or run, fast or slow — just start and watch your ROX grow.

Build a team

Grow the community of fit crypto fans. Invite friends to train together and earn more ROX!

Earn interest

Multiply your gains — send ROX to the wallet and hold it. The more you save, the more you will get!

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